Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy helps children learn how to better use the muscles in their face and mouth and/or explore new foods in order to make eating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Due to the complexity of feeding disorders and the differences between each client’s needs, at Hippos & Fish, we offer a team approach for the most effective treatment strategies.

Direct consultation occurs between the therapist and the client’s primary pediatrician, family physician and/or nurse practitioners to assist in monitoring medical status during the course of treatment. If necessary, we may also consult with ACH pediatric gastroenterologists to guide diagnostic tests such as upper GI endoscopy, pH probe test for acid reflux, swallow study or GI motility tests to see how contents move through the digestive system, as well as management of a percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, or PEG tube.

Together, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists assess and treat the client’s oral motor deficits, swallowing problems, and work on fine motor, sensory motor and developmental skills.

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Pediatric Feeding Therapy
Feeding Therapy for Children


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